What would Harriet do

What would Harriet do

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A heroine is a woman idealized for her bravery, courage, and great achievements. Until now, full adulthood, the importance of adopting such a figure never crossed my mind.


In all honesty, I never saw the need; the women in my family were enough. My mother, grandmother and great grandmothers were strong, nurturing, and responsible human beings. All of which are qualities that have laid the foundation for how I show up in my life every day. 


It is because of them that I am who and what I am; a responsible woman; a loving mother; a person with passion and drive living on purpose. 


Subtly, these women taught me that I was to be better than them. My children should be better than me, their children better than them, so on and so forth. What has not been clear is how to get there. But what I have learned after lots of failures and disappointments is that I need examples, heroines, if you will.


It is from this place that today I ask myself the question. 


Who are you? 

Why are you here? 

How do you want to show up? 


Once confirmed, I ask more. 


Do you know the stories of the women you wish to exemplify? 


Are you willing to do the work necessary to achieve what you deem great? 


Are you clear about the sacrifices that are required for you to obtain greatness? 


My answers yes, yes, and yes! 


This blog is a platform for me to

Share the heroine that I have chosen as my own, Harriet Tubman. 




Quiet moments have a curious way of bringing in fresh perspective. 

Like screen doors propped open allowing in the soft summer breeze, perspective is the breath of fresh hearing, seeing and shouting“ah ha”!

after all this time, I understand. 


The explanation 


The only logical explanation in my opinion is divine order and intervention. It is the only thing that make sense. How else does the impossible become possible without interruption?


Now, it is totally fine if we share a difference in opinion. I have already decided that Mother Tubman was divinely inspired, highly favored and she knew it. And, because she knew it, she was empowered. 




Harriet Tubman, born Araminta Ross grew to greatness despite her circumstances; circumstances that for most people today would be both unbearable and debilitating 


she was

-born enslaved 

-physically and psychologically abused 

-wanted and hunted by both man and animal 

-disrespected for being a woman 

-bluntly separated from her family during her developmental years

-abandoned by her first love 


Yet, she selflessly persevered; and 198 years later Mother Tubman is still known as the Moses of her people. 


A queen in her own right! 

Tubman was a woman of great spirit, drive, passion, and leadership.


I appreciate her most for being an amazing example of commitment. 


It is in her honor that I have created this platform. If she were here today, I would make certain that she knew her efforts were not in vein. I would promise to be brave and act as she did. 


Cheers to you Mother Tubman,

Your greatness lives on in me. 



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